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20/05/2023 - PKR.com has made a significant change to their welcome bonus, therefore we recommend using the following new and verified bonus code.

Terms and Conditions of the $30 Free Bonus: Players need to make a deposit to get the tournament tickets. The casino bonus will be credited within 72 hours. Players need to bet $10 on PKR's slots to get the free $10 to spend on games.

Terms and Conditions of PKR's 200% up to $1,000 Bonus

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Club PKR Reward Program

PKR Reward Program Keeps You Coming Back For More

Club PKRIf you have played poker at any of the online sites, you will know that playing for poker points alongside playing for money is a common feature. A great number of poker sites introduce points systems, loyalty systems or membership schemes to try and create a sense of loyalty for their online players but sadly, too many of these poker sites do not provide a system worth being loyal too. Playing for poker points means nothing if there is nothing worth doing with the poker points. If poker players are happy to choose a site just for the games and promotions on offer, that is fine but if a player wants to get an additional reward for playing on a site, they need to look a bit closer.

This is where the PKR Reward Program will hopefully stand out from the rest of the crowd. Not only is the PKR Poker site innovative with respect to their 3D graphics and interactive gameplay, they have changed the way that many online poker players look at the bonus scheme. With so many poker sites to choose from, the loyalty of a poker player should be a major asset for a poker site but aside from PKR, there are not many sites that seem to realise the benefit of having a consistent membership and player base.

Just one deposit sees you joining the PKR Reward Program

All you need to do to gain entry to the PKR Reward Program is to make one real money deposit to your account and then that is you enlisted. From here on in, every time you play and every time you make a deposit you will be earning PKR Points that will hopefully keep you loyal to the PKR site. There will be times that other poker sites offer great promotions or exciting tournaments but the long-term benefits of the PKR site should ensure that most players keep coming back for more.

Being a member of Club PKR, the official title of the PKR Reward Program, you will be able to grab fantastic gifts. These gifts can include poker books and high quality chips. For many players, poker is a way of life and it can be enjoyed at home with friends as well as in the online community. Playing regularly at the PKR site can see you pick up great mementos and souvenirs to make your offline poker playing more enjoyable.

Stay in touch with poker stars through Club PKR

Every member of the PKR Reward Program will also receive a free copy of Stacked magazine, packed full of the latest poker news and features with the poker stars. Many online poker players follow the big stars in the big tournaments from around the world and this magazine is a great way to get an insight into their lifestyle and what happens during the big poker tournaments.

PKR ShopHowever, the benefits of the PKR Reward Program are not just aimed at offline use; there are a number of great benefits to be had with respect to playing poker online. One of the things that will always appeal to poker players is getting entry to freerolls when there are big cash prizes up for stakes. Being able to win big with no outlay is a tremendous asset for any poker player to have and PKR Reward Program players get this reward on a regular basis. Add in VIP access to a series of live events and it is easy to see that the more you play on the PKR site, the better it can be for a player.

There is no drop down with the PKR Reward Program

Some poker sites that employ a level reward scheme engineer it so players have to keep their points or membership level at a certain status every month. This is not the case with PKR as whenever you reach a new rewards level, you are there for life. This is a great feature because there will often be weeks or months when players cannot get online to play poker. Life has a funny habit of standing in the way of the things that you want to do and even though online poker is very important for many people, it is far from being the be all and end all for most players. The fact that the Club PKR rewards scheme acknowledges there can be times when you cannot devote as much time as you would like to online poker is a great feature and one that automatically makes their reward scheme of better value than many of their rivals.

Making your first real money deposit on the PKR site sees you taking your place on the Loyalty Ladder and how far you climb is up to you. From member status, it only takes 35,000 points to upgrade you to a Bronze member and from there, the sky can be a limit. It will take a great deal of time to reach the 2,500,001 mark when you become a Diamond member but there are plenty of levels in between to keep striving for. There is a natural rate of progression with the PKR Reward Program which should always keep players in sight of their next big upgrade.