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20/05/2023 - PKR.com has made a significant change to their welcome bonus, therefore we recommend using the following new and verified bonus code.

Terms and Conditions of the $30 Free Bonus: Players need to make a deposit to get the tournament tickets. The casino bonus will be credited within 72 hours. Players need to bet $10 on PKR's slots to get the free $10 to spend on games.

Terms and Conditions of PKR's 200% up to $1,000 Bonus

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PKR Mac Gives You Every Feature

There are some poker clubs and casinos in real life that are very choosy about whom they let in to their establishment. This can be for a number of reasons but sometimes you can find yourself left outside of a great poker game because the door staff didn’t like your face or took exception to the sort of footwear you had on. This is not the case with online poker but many sites have a door policy which prevents many poker fanatics from joining in all of the fun. As long as you have a way of funding your poker playing and your computer can handle the PKR software download, most players should be okay to join in but many Apple users have been unable to join in the poker fun.

PKR MacThis is because many poker sites have not provided software that is compatible for Mac users but this is not something to worry about for PKR players. There is the PKR Mac option which means that everyone can join in the fun and games on the site, which is surely good news for everyone? The PKR Mac option is great news for poker players but it is also tremendous news for players who like their poker sites to be busy and populated with as many people as possible. No matter what make or model your computer is, PKR Mac is good news for you.

You get every option with PKR Poker Mac

When it comes to using the PKR Mac software, some players may have concerns about a limited or reduced version being made available to Mac users. This is something that some poker sites have dabbled with in the past but it has understandably been met with a great deal of unhappiness by Mac users. There is no need for the Mac version to be inferior to the standard PC version and users of the PKR Mac software have nothing to worry about.

The graphics are one of the most distinctive things about the PKR site and if they were not available on the Mac version, players would rightly be annoyed. Thankfully, this is not the case because the PKR Mac software is as stunning as any other version. The 3D graphics and ability to create your own character allows poker players to get involved with the action like never before. There is no other online gaming experience like the one offered by the PKR site and this is as true for the Mac version.

Download PKR Mac Version

Interact and bluff with PKR Mac

The lack of proper interaction has been a constant criticism of online poker games but the gap between online play and reality is definitely getting smaller. A perfect example of this comes with the PKR Mac software which allows players to control their facial expressions and hand gestures. There is even the ability to talk to other players during the game, allowing you to get the upper hand. If your poker skills are enhanced by your ability to psyche out your opponent, the PKR Mac game will provide the perfect opportunity to make the most of all your poker skills.

Another great asset of the PKR Poker Mac version is that the same promotions and bonuses that PC users benefit from are available. It is good that there is equality between the two different types of users because there is no need for any differentiation to occur. There are a number of good welcome bonuses on offer from players using the PKR Mac software and you will find that as you continue to make deposits, those bonuses and poker points keep coming. Some poker sites provide loyalty bonuses that encourage no loyalty but the PKR Reward Program is very enticing and yes, it is available for PKR Mac users as well as PC users.

Grab your bonuses with PKR Mac

PKR for MacBonuses and promotions are all very good but what many poker players are interested in reading about is what tournaments are on offer. Being able to play for big money and to take on your opponent is a crucial element for many online poker players and once again, the PKR Mac version is equipped to keep everybody happy. There are some huge tournaments on offer at the PKR site with guaranteed prize pools of up to $100,000 played for on a regular basis. There are even bounty games where there is a price on the head of every poker player at the table. It doesn’t matter whether you are using PKR PC or PKR Mac software, every player has their price and you can win big money by being the player who knocks the rest.

Most Mac users are used to the fact that they are denied access to many online services but this should not be the case when it comes to using online poker software. The PKR Mac software ensures that everyone can join in the fun, which is just another reason to call the PKR site the best online poker option there is.