Important! New PKR Bonus Codes

20/05/2023 - PKR.com has made a significant change to their welcome bonus, therefore we recommend using the following new and verified bonus code.

Terms and Conditions of the $30 Free Bonus: Players need to make a deposit to get the tournament tickets. The casino bonus will be credited within 72 hours. Players need to bet $10 on PKR's slots to get the free $10 to spend on games.

Terms and Conditions of PKR's 200% up to $1,000 Bonus

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PKR Affiliates

PKR Affiliates Win Every Time

Even though those in the know will gladly admit that the PKR site is a fantastic poker site showing great innovation and talent, there are many online poker players yet to hear all about it. The site may be experiencing a fast rate of growth but there is always room for improvement and this is where you get the chance to play your part in the PKR success story.

PKR Affiliate ProgrammePKR run a highly popular affiliates programme and it is very easy to sign up and earn commission. If you are looking for extra funds to steady your finances during these tough economic times or you are looking for some money to use as your bankroll, the PKR affiliates scheme may be the perfect way to meet your needs.

The commission for the PKR affiliates scheme is based upon a revenue share model which means that the income derived from the players who sign up for the site will impact on how much you earn.

  • For revenue from all of your players up to $10,000, you get 20%
  • For revenue from all of your players between $10,001 and $50,000, you get 25% and
  • For revenue from all of your players over $50,000, you receive 30%.

With income being paid into your account on a monthly basis, the PKR affiliates scheme is a tremendous way to have some fun but also earn a good additional income.

Poker players want to play on the PKR site

One of the best things about being a PKR affiliate is that there are so many people desperate to join the site. The 3D graphics provide a level of innovation that is unique to the site and not available anywhere else in the poker world. This is why so many players want to take part in the games on this site as they can experience online poker like they have never played before. There will always be some players who say that online poker will never match the spirit and energy of playing around a physical table with other players but the PKR site brings you closer than ever before.

The fact that there are so many players who want to join up for the PKR site indicates that there is a good deal of money to be made from being a PKR affiliate. Directing people towards the site and informing them of the great games and PKR bonuses can see you be a winner as well. With so many online poker sites to choose from, some people may put the positivity surrounding PKR as being mere hype but this is clearly not the case. Being part of the PKR affiliates programme will provide you with the chance to influence how other players enjoy their poker experience.

This is an important reason to remember and it suggests that many of the players involved with the PKR affiliates programme are not necessarily in it for the money. Of course that is a great incentive to join up with the campaign but there is a genuine love and admiration for the site amongst many online poker players. There are some poker players who want to advocate the greatness of the site and ensure that as many people sign up for it as possible. In doing so, they are also increasing the number of players eligible for tournaments which will make the site a more attractive option for the existing players as well. All in all, spreading the good news about the PKR site can bring about a number of benefits including but not limited to the financial aspect.

You don’t need skills to be a PKR affiliate

All of this may sound a great idea but many people may be concerned that a lack of computer skills or promotional experience may prevent them from being a success in the PKR affiliates scheme. This is not the case as you are provided with a great deal of support and assistance from PKR to reach out to people. Banners and readymade adverts utilising the 3D characters and interactive gameplay have already been created, leaving you with the arduous task of cutting and pasting onto your own website, blog or forum. Even if you do not own a blog or website, there is a chance to sign up for the PKR affiliate programme using offline marketing methods. From handing out business cards, putting out posters or utilising CDs, you can make money from the programme without even going near a computer.

Affiliate schemes are the lifeblood for poker sites and the great thing is that everybody wins. New players are looking to sign up at a poker site so they get the chance they are looking for. They will also likely receive a number of bonuses and promotions to give themselves more money. The affiliate will receive a lifetime percentage of income derived from the new player and the poker site gets a wave of new players adding to the community at the PKR site. It is not very often that everyone wins at the poker table but with the PKR affiliates scheme, everyone is a winner.