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20/05/2023 - PKR.com has made a significant change to their welcome bonus, therefore we recommend using the following new and verified bonus code.

Terms and Conditions of the $30 Free Bonus: Players need to make a deposit to get the tournament tickets. The casino bonus will be credited within 72 hours. Players need to bet $10 on PKR's slots to get the free $10 to spend on games.

Terms and Conditions of PKR's 200% up to $1,000 Bonus

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PKR Download Makes You Feel Like A Poker Star

Even though poker has been around for more years than any player would care to remember, this is definitely the poker era. The interest in the activity has never been higher and the amount of television coverage dedicated to poker is immense. There are many household names involved with poker and it is easy to see why so many budding poker players around the world would be attracted to the glitz and the glamour that surround major poker events. Even though it is a dream for many players, there is no doubt that spending your time playing poker would be the number one lifestyle choice for many people.

PKR DownloadThis is not a permanent option for the majority of online poker players though so the use of the PKR download software is the next best thing. If you want to feel the excitement and adrenaline rush of being involved in a poker game which replicates the style of the televised poker games, this is the only site that comes close. Of all the online poker sites, the PKR site is the most visually stunning and this is all down to the power of the PKR download software.

The initial software download is only 804KB and will be downloaded in a manner of seconds from even older computers but this is not everything you need to make the most of your time on the PKR site. The PKR download then proceeds to download 600MB of memory which can take quite a time depending on your computer and internet speed. Be prepared to be patient before you get involved with the poker action on site but the thing is with the PKR site, it will be worth it.

Start Secure PKR Download (804KB)

You can be who you want to be with PKR download

Quite frankly, there is no other poker site like the PKR site and a lot of this is down to what you obtain when you use the PKR download facility. You cannot expect the 3D software to not take a great deal of memory but most players will agree that the results are worth it. Thankfully the gaming elements of the PKR site are of sufficient quality to keep players coming back for more in their own right but the graphical quality of the site stands it apart from any of its peers.

Online gaming is more personal and interactive than it has been at any time in its past and this is something that the people behind the PKR site have acknowledged. The 3D effect is welcome but the ability to create your own poker character to play as yourself takes the gaming experience to another level. Some players like to create a poker character that is very realistic and lifelike to them, giving them an added incentive to play well. After all, if the character on screen is you, it makes sense that you would take a greater sense of pride from playing well and defeating opponents. For years, computer games would convince players that they were someone else but nowadays, the real thrill lies in seeing yourself within the poker game.

However, not everybody wants to be themselves and there is a freedom to create any character that you want. Many people like online poker because it gives them a chance to be someone that they are not in real life. The idea of sitting around a table of peers and trying to bluff them may be intimidating for some people but in the online environment, it doesn’t have to be you playing that game. It can be anyone and this is why the PKR download choice is such a popular one with poker players. Whatever poker player you feel like being, the PKR download software can help you bring them to life.

Don’t forget about the PKR Mac download option

PKR for MacAnother important thing to remember about the PKR download option is that it is suitable for PC and Mac users. The poker world is waking up to the fact that Mac users want to enjoy the poker fun too and the glorious 3D software is now available across all the formats. Even if you are not a Mac user, this new download software is good news because it can help your friends play alongside your and it ensures that there is a greater number of online poker players playing the games. Anything which increases the number of online poker players has to be a good thing and with PKR Mac download options, everyone can get involved. There may be a lot of differences between PC and Mac users but the option to download PKR is bring everyone together.

No matter what system you have or how often you like to play online poker, the PKR download option is easily the best choice around. There are very few poker sites that come close to matching the PKR site for style, fun and of course, great gameplay.

Start Secure PKR Mac Download (804KB)